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A winemaker's profile of Yarra Park Vineyard

Phil Kerney.

Phil Kerney Phil Kerney has made our Wines from 2003 to 2006 and Mac Forbes (formerly Mt. Mary) has made our 2006 Chardonnay, 2007 Cabernet and all Wines thereafter .Phil performed brilliantly on our behalf and this is reflected on the 2006 Cabernet label where we pay tribute to his work.

We moved all winemaking to Mac Forbes due to the outbreak of Phylloxera which happily we are outside declared area, but felt it was prudent not to transport Yarra Valley fruit outside the Valley.

We were fortunate to be introduced to Mac Forbes. A profile of both winemakers follows.

Phil Kerney, has extensive vintage and production experience locally in Coonawarra, Beechworth, East Gippsland and Canberra; overseas in New Zealand, France and Spain and ran his own successful wholesale and import business from 1995-1997. Phil joined Willow Creek in the Peninsula in 2001 and is overseeing the next phase of development at Willow Creek employing traditional winemaking techniques including wild fermentation, long pre and post fermentation maceration for red wines with stringent quality control.

Phil has won numerous awards including the 2003 Best in Show for the Yarra Valley Wine Show and Best Chardonnay and Best Cabernet in Show for the 2006 Concours Des Vins. He also produced our Yarra Park 2005 Chardonnay which was awarded a Gold Medal and 1 point off best in show for the 2006 Yarra Valley Wine awards.

Mac Forbes.

Mac Forbes Mac Forbes was born and raised in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. Born in the 70’s, Mac grew up when the modern history of the Yarra Valley was commencing. When the likes of Yeringberg and Mount Mary began reinvigorating the Yarra Valley as a premium wine producing region.

Today, Mac has travelled the full circle to be part of the next generation responsible for injecting renewed vision and vigour into the Valley.

Mac has had broad range of jobs across Australia, France (mainly Burgundy) Italy, Portugal and Austria. However, prior to Mac Forbes Wines commencing, Mac has had an overwhelming influence of the late John Middleton (Mac held position of winemaker at Mount Mary), Dirk Niepoort (Niepoort wines, Portugal) and Mac’s consultancy in Austria (2004-2008 in Carnuntum) that has helped Mac define his own Euro inspired style and find philosophies and methods that suit the Australian landscape.

While Mac loves the wines of Europe, he is also totally convinced that what was learnt about wines means the learning begins again back home. By simply applying the European practices here does not translate into producing European styled wines. Understanding and lateral consideration all assist in making balanced wines in the harsh environments of Australia.

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