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History of Yarra Park Vineyard

Yarra Park Vineyard is a 7 acre (approx. 2.8 hectares) Vineyard, established in 1996 & 1997. Situated in Benson Drive Yering, it is approximately 1 km. North of Mt Mary and 2km. North East of Yarra Edge, in the Yarra Valley’s “golden mile”.
Grape varieties grown are Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, Shiraz.

Our management practice is one of fastidious hands on vineyard management, with minimal to zero irrigation during the growing season. We use Integrated Pest Management, remove all pruned canes off site for burning, use inter row cover crops and minimal pesticides (which is compliant with organic pre requisites when and if used).

We cane prune to 7-9 buds only, using a unilateral VSP trellis system. We shoot thin once, and fruit thin twice. Our target yields are 1.8 tons/acre for Cabernet Sauvignon and 2.5 tons/acre for Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The clonal varieties are– Penfolds 58 and Burgundy 96 for the Chardonnay, SA125 for the Cabernet (this is 100% Cabernet) & H5V10 for the Sauvignon Blanc.

The vines were heavily mulched for their first 5 years after planting, to moderate soil temperature variation and minimise weed competition.

Phil Kerney produces the wine under contract at Willow Creek, Balnarring. Phil has, and is continuing to carve out an outstanding reputation as a winemaker, and has won numerous awards. He has extensive local and International winemaking experience, Mac Forbes has taken over as wine maker from the 2007 Vintage onwards.

All barrels are French, with a mixture of Bossuet, Siruge and Taransaud. The Sauvignon Blanc is also oaked to 10/15% of volume.

Prior to 2003 the Cabernet Sauvignon & Sauvignon Blanc were grown for Yering Station.

Our goal is to present to our winemaker “Estate grown grapes, that are the best available in any given season”. From the implementation of the vinyard in 1996 we have been delighted to have John Evans as our Viticultural Consultant.

John has extensive experience as vineyard manager for Yering Station, and its fair to say that we would not have had the success that we have had to date without John's background of knowledge and enthusiastic assistance.

Our email address for mail order is and phone numbers are 0408 680 400 or 9739 1960. We have the appropriate arrangements in place for local and interstate and international mail order, with a successful shipment to Tokyo for one of our clients in the last two weeks.

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